6è Entrevista a Kim, teacher of English conversation

dilluns, 8 de novembre del 2010

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Where are you from?, Do you like Hallowen?, What's your favourite football team?, Do you like Barcelona?, Who do you prefer Messi o Ronaldo?, Which is your favourite museum?, Who's your favourite actor? How tall are you?, What's your favourite occupation?, When's your birthday?, What do you like doing?, Have you got children?.......
Thank you very much Kim!!!

Ups! We've forgot some questions!!! Can you find them?


Listen to the interview
and complete the missing questions and write on the "comentaris"·

Thanks! Bye!

Veus: Oriol,Alba, Leire, Zhiwi, Tiffany i Kim

2 comentaris:

Esmeralda ha dit...

Hello, hello, hello !!!!!!!!!!!!

Suposo que és una entrevista interesant.
Un dia m'expliqueu......

virginia ha dit...

Es busca, noi o noia de 6è, per traduir l'entrevista.

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